Happy Holidays From the Nationals!

Another season, another crop of (quite interesting) MLB holiday uniforms. This time around, in an interesting switch-up from past years, the MLB has decided to have teams wear their holiday uniforms on the whole weekend of the four major holidays during baseball season, rather than merely on the day itself. Without further adieu, let’s take a closer look at what the Nationals will be rolling out on each holiday this season:


Mother’s Day (to be worn on May 13th and 14th)


The Nationals’ Mother’s Day uniforms didn’t change much from those worn last season. The Nats will be at home during Mother’s Day weekend, and as such will be wearing white jerseys with a pink Curly W logo in the left chest area. Additionally, the player’s number and sleeve logo will also be changed from red to pink. This uniform also features charcoal trim. Caps are the only notable change from last year to this year in this set of uniforms: they will be charcoal with pink brims and insignias, as opposed to the all grey caps with light pink insignias from last year. Finally, Stance has provided two sock options for every MLB team, one of which is completely pink and has a tie dye pattern, and the other a predominantly charcoal sock with two different shades of pink near where the sock meets the shoe. It will be up to the Nationals’ management to pick which sock players are to wear over this weekend.


Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the pink dominated uniforms. While they do provide for some extra zest, the color pink seems out-of-place on sports uniforms in general. I’ve always thought merely adding a pink accent somewhere on the uniform, or maybe only changing the caps for Mother’s Day would look considerably better while still getting the general message out. That being said, I am excited to see whether or not the tie-dye socks will be a good or bad feature, as I’m not sure anything close to tie-dye has ever been seen on a professional sports uniform.


Jerseys: C

Hats: B (the charcoal contrasting with the pink brim and curly W makes for the best part of this uniform)

Socks: B-


Memorial Day (to be worn May 27th through May 29th)


Thankfully, camouflage is no longer the predominant element in any ball club’s Memorial Day uniform. The Nationals will now be clad in white home jerseys with olive green player numbers, sleeve logos, and chest logos for the final two games of their home series that weekend (May 27th and 28th). However, they travel to San Francisco on Memorial Day, and will instead be outfitted in their grey away uniforms with olive green numbers and sleeve logos, and an olive green “Washington” inscribed across the chest. Both sets feature black trim. Their hats have also changed quite a lot; they’re now green with black insignias and camouflage brims, as opposed to completely camouflage with brown insignias. Socks worn by every team on Memorial Day weekend will be an offbeat camouflage (more about these soon). Another addition to all MLB Memorial Day jerseys is five black stars featured on both the right side of the cap and the jersey’s right sleeve.


These uniforms are a remarkable improvement from those worn last year on Memorial Day. The olive green works well (especially on the away uniforms), the five black stars on the jersey are a great way to symbolize the five branches of the US military, and the hats, though they still unfortunately feature some camo, are not as bad of a look as they could be. However, that brings me to the socks. I’m not quite sure what Stance was going for when they designed these; they’re a blocky, almost geometric camo that includes black, olive green, grey, a dirty-looking yellow, and a dark aqua green color. Here’s to hoping they look better on the players in action than they do in the pictures I’ve seen of them so far.


Jerseys: A-

Caps: B-

Socks: F (these are probably the worst component out of any of the holiday uniforms this year)


Father’s Day (to be worn June 17th and 18th)


As with Mother’s Day, jerseys for Father’s Day will look about the same as they did last year. The Nats will wear their away greys that weekend, with baby-blue numbers and logos on their uniforms, and black trim. Hats for Father’s Day this year have changed, though. Instead of being grey with baby-blue logos, hats across the MLB will be baby-blue with charcoal brims, and either white or baby-blue insignias. The Curly W on the Nationals’ cap will be baby-blue with an acutely small white outline. Socks for Father’s Day will look a lot like those for Mother’s Day: either tie-dye blue or charcoal with dark and light blue accents towards the feet. It will again be up to Nationals management’s discretion on which socks are worn.


Like pink, I personally don’t particularly like the way baby-blue looks with the Nationals’ uniforms. A darker blue or less overpowering baby-blue accents would look much better. In this case, the baby-blue hats could have been a redeeming factor in this uniform, but the blue insignia on the blue hat was not a good choice– I predict it will be nearly impossible to see the insignia on TV unless the thin white outline is made more pronounced. Like on Mother’s Day, the tie-dye-esque socks will be an interesting addition to these uniforms, should the Nationals choose to go with that sock option.


Jerseys: C

Caps: D (changing the insignia to white would make these look considerably better)

Socks: B-


Independence Day (to be worn July 1st through July 4th)


The Nationals and the rest of the MLB will be wearing their Independence Day uniforms for a whopping four days. The Nationals’ Independence Day jerseys will change considerably from last year’s versions. Like Memorial Day, the Nats will spend part of the weekend at home and part of it on the road. Instead of a red jersey with blue, star patterned numbers and logos, the Nats will wear a white jersey with red star patterned numbers and logos for their home games. As for their away games, a grey jersey with red star patterned logos, numbers, and script will be worn. Both of these jerseys have navy trim and an American flag patch on the right sleeve. The caps have perhaps the most eye-catching addition this year: insignias will be glued on and made out of “LiquidChrome”, a shiny material that will bear an American flag pattern inside a silver outlined Curly W (this looks a lot like the Nats’ patriotic blue alt jerseys). Lastly, all clubs will wear socks that feature a blue background with white stars on one leg and alternating red and white stripes on the other leg, emulating the American flag.


The jerseys lack the pop that last year’s jersey did, and both look very similar to the Nat’s normal home and away jerseys. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but it would have been nice to see Majestic do something a tad more interesting with them. The caps are an upgrade from those worn last year though I’m not sure how I feel about the LiquidChrome insignias. They could look great on TV, or they could look junky. Last year’s caps were odd looking to say the least– red with a white, star patterned front panel and a navy insignia. I think that the socks Stance provided will look good, and it’s neat to see the MLB experimenting with such an asymmetric look.


Jerseys: B

Caps: B- (I really think I’ll have to see these in action in order to give them a proper grade)

Socks: B


Though some of these uniforms look better than others, I’m looking forward to seeing how all of them look on our players during games.


A link to see for yourself how all of these uniforms look can be found here.


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