Bryce Harper Contract May Be Sign of Loyalty

Bryce Harper Contract May Be Sign Of Loyalty

by Ben Fadden

On May 13 Bryce Harper signed a 1-year, $21.65 million contract to avoid arbitration for the 2018 season to avoid arbitration. His contract runs out after the 2018 season and is a free agent in 2019.
The Nationals GM, Mike Rizzo, stated, “I think it shows the comfort level Bryce has the this organization and at we have with him. “
Bryce said, “We’re able to go into the offseason and worry about different things. We’re able as a team and organization to go out and not have to worry about going into arbitration for another year.”
In bonuses for the 2018 season, Bryce can make an additional $1 million for winning MVP, $500,000 for second, $250,000 for third, $150,000 for fourth, and $100,000 for fifth. If he won a gold glove, silver slugger, or was an all-star he would get $100,000 for each award he won.
Bryce and Mr. Rizzo have not discussed anything after 2018. Win getting his deal done and out of the way shows the loyalty and comfort level with Bryce and the Nationals. This hopefully will lead to another contract that is beyond 2019.
That night Bryce definitely stated that he is worth the price because he hit a Walk-off home run to beat the Phillies 6-4.
This is a huge step in the whole path to free agency in 2019 for Harper, and it is a positive one for both him and Washington.

(featured image by the Nationals Instagram account, @nationals)


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