Nats bullpen troubles, and a crazy solution

The obvious thorn in the Nationals side this year has been the bullpen. Before Tuesday’s game the Nationals bullpen had a 7.24 ERA, 13.2 innings, and 4 HRs in the last 4 games. The Nationals have tried just about every player in the bullpen to close out games. With Koda Glover getting hurt in the shower it seems like the bullpen troubles continue to getting even more bizarre and disappointing. There has been lots of noise about trading for a reliable arm to come in for the 9th inning, but brace yourself for a bold idea. What if the Nats started using a closer, who is on the roster already, and not a bullpen pitcher? Bryce Harper. Okay, give me a chance to explain. He made one appearance on the mound at CSN (College of Southern Nevada) back in Junior College. According to StatCast, Bryce had a throw from the outfield this year measured at 99.7mph against the Orioles. Yes, I know, it was an outfield throw and he cannot get a crow hop from the mound. However, 99.7mph is so hard I believe he can get at least 95 from a windup alone. He would need to learn a change up pitch too at least but hey, why not give him a shot? The number $400 million has been thrown around as a “STARTING” number for Harper’s extension, so have him pull duel roles as a RF and CL. If he were to be pulled from the mound, he can still stay in the lineup and go back to right field if he struggled. Although we still haven’t reached the All-Star break, I think it is an interesting option to explore. I’m sure Bryce wouldn’t mind getting on the bump even for just a game to let the cannon lose. Ready for all the comments to tell me I’m crazy, just post them below!

(featured image by Nationals Instagram, @nationals)


One thought on “Nats bullpen troubles, and a crazy solution

  1. Carol Spicer says:

    Crazy idea, but then again, the bullpen needs something if last night wasn’t a fluke!
    Of course, Michael A. converted on his “last chance”, maybe Dusty put the bullpen on notice after Monday night.


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