The Reds and “So long for just a while…”

Dear Readers,

As the series concludes with Cincinnati concludes the Nationals were able to pick up a series win. Bryce Harper walked us off on Friday night. The leader All-Star vote leader continues to prove himself a player who lives for on the line situations. Washington went to town raking on Saturday scoring 18 runs and Michael A. Taylor homering twice. The kid has really picked it up and continues to impress me. Many people talk to me about if he will be traded, I don’t think he will. With Adam Eaton out it doesn’t make sense to, especially the way he is handling the bat. The Nationals dropped today’s game with Roark giving up 5 runs in the 1st inning (6 in the game). There is lots of noise about bullpen changes, I doubt anything will get done now, but would not be too surprised to see Melancon end up back in the District.

I have tried to get back into making more consistent posts but it is obvious that it has not happened as much as I have wanted.

I am starting a new job on Monday and will no longer be able to write for the blog during the remainder of the summer. Creating The NatsTown Chronicle and writing for this blog in the short time that I have, has been so much an incredible time. When I am back in the North East in the fall, I hope to get back into it but I cannot promise anything right now.

I have reached out to a few people about continuing The NatsTown Chronicle and my wish is that they will be able to post a bit on here even if it is once a week or so.

Thank you so much for following along with me on here and as Bob up in the booth says, “See you later,” because it is not a goodbye, just a pause and “So long for just a while.”


(photo by Nationals Instagram, @nationals)


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